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This article tells you about all interesting nearby excursion places you can see when touring Agra in Uttar Pradesh India.

Agra Excursions

Agra ExcursionsWhile Agra city in Uttar Pradesh state of India itself has a platterful of famous tourist spot options to offer, one can nevertheless also choose from a long list of enticing places when contemplating an Agra excursion trip. One can visit the nearby holy places like Mathura near Agra believed to be birth place of Lord Krishna or even Vrindavan, where the Lord played with his friends during childhood. Among interesting tourist places near Agra in India, you can see Fatehpur Sikri revealing various famous ancient structures built by Indian Maharajas. Bharatpur Sanctuary is the abode of hundreds of migratory birds from across the globe. Read on about tourist places near Agra.

Mathura is a sacred Indian city located in Uttar Pradesh state, believed to be the birthplace of Lord Krishna. A popular religious tourist destination, it's approximately 50 km to the north of Agra. The reverent Keshav Dev temple now stands on the legendary place in Mathura where, it is believed, Lord Krishna was born. Mathura is also famous as one of the first two centres for production of human images of Gautam Buddha. The seeable places here include Krishnajanmabhoomi, Dwarikadheesh Temple, Kans Kila and Vishram Ghat. Mathura makes a good option for one wanting to see nearby places from Agra in India.

Vrindavan or Vraj located at Uttar Pradesh in India is another holy town on the site of an ancient forest that's believed to have once been the place where Lord Krishna played during childhood. It's around 15 km from Mathura city. The town is just sprinkled with hundreds of temples dedicated to Krishna and his consort, Radha. The famous ones include the Madan Mohan Temple, Banke-Bihari Temple built in 1862, Radha Vallabh Temple, Jaipur Temple, etc. Other places of interest include Seva Kunj, Kesi Ghat, Sriji Temple, Jugal Kishore Temple, and so on. This town is another viable tourist place you can see near Agra in Uttar Pradesh state.

Fatehpur Sikri
Fatehpur Sikri city in Agra district of Uttar Pradesh in India is a World Heritage Site. Once the political capital of the Mughal Empire in India during the rule of Akbar, the region acquired its name after Mughal Emperor, Babur defeated Rana Sanga in a battle at Sikri that's 40 km away from Agra. The structures in this city flux in different architectural styles such as that of Gujrati, Bengali, Islamic and the Jains. Important buildings you will find in Fatehpur Sikri include Naubat Khana, Diwan-i-Am, Diwan-i-Khas, Raja Birbal's house, Jodhabai's palace, etc. This is among the nice places you can see near Agra.

Bharatpur Sanctuary
Situated about 55km from Agra city, the Bharatpur Sanctuary was set up by the Maharaja of Bharatpur. It's also famous by the name of Keoladeo Ghana National Park and is deemed among the world's finest bird sanctuaries! The sanctuary is the winter abode for endangered species of Siberian cranes. It also sees the presence of varied migratory birds from Central Asia every year. Though the breeding time is from August to September, the ideal visiting time is between October and February. The sanctuary is open all throughout the year. Bharatpur Sanctuary is a very popular Agra excursion option for nature lovers.